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Clubs & Leadership Opportunities

Programming at Minchau is complemented by a variety of extracurricular club and leadership opportunities to support varying interests of students. These opportunities provide students with an enriched educational experience to enhance their learning. At Minchau clubs are created based on student interest and are supported with a staff member when available During the year, staff will decide on which school leadership teams they will facilitate.

Some opportunities may include:

AMA School Safety Patrol Team

Being a school safety patrol requires commitment and maturity. The students who are patrols learn to be on time, work as a team and think of others. They do a very tough job, so please listen to them and treat them with respect at the crosswalk. Meetings are held about once a month and twice a year with the AMA representative. Training for new patrols happens in May and June at lunchtime.

Choir and Handbell Club

We are excited to offer students the opportunity to further develop their musical skills through Choir and or Handbell Club. Students have the opportunity to perform at various school events throughout the year.

Minchau Student Advisory Team

Students apply or are nominated to help create and lead the vision for the school year.  Students meet regularly to plan and facilitate school wide events.