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Parents as Partners

Parents need to be strong partners in the education of their children. There is a
positive relationship between the involvement of parents and the academic success
their children achieve. Please continue to be actively involved
in your child’s education by:
• teaching and modeling respect toward others and a positive attitude toward
• participating in daily reading and regular reviewing;
• ensuring your child attends school daily and on time;
• helping your child set learning goals and plans for improvement; and
• maintaining communication between home and school.
We encourage you to become involved with our parent groups or to volunteer
within the school. Volunteers provide valuable assistance to the office, library and
The mission of the Edmonton Public Schools’ Parents as Partners program is to
provide a forum for school councils and parents to be meaningfully involved in
supporting the critical work of teaching and learning. Activities provide parents with
information on student-focused topics as well as an opportunity to share knowledge
and experience with other parents, school council members and Trustees.
Visit partners.epsb.ca for details on Parents as Partners activities and events, and
to learn more about how you can get involved.

Parent Association

Our Parent Association is a fundraising society that provides a means for parents
and community members to volunteer their time through various fundraising events.
These important events provide additional funds to enhance programming for
students through field trips, special presentations, the Artist in Residency program,
technology, etc. If you are interested in volunteering for any of our fundraising
events, please contact our School Council/Parent Association President through the
school office.


School Council

Minchau’s School Council plays an important role in the education of our students
by providing input and assistance to the school principal regarding educational
issues. Involvement on our council includes:
• focusing on educational matters;
• providing input on various matters such as program planning, school budgets and
school operations;
• serving as a liaison between parents, the school and community groups;
• locating resources such as speakers and volunteers;
• gathering information and sharing experiences; and
• supporting the goals and objectives of the school.
Serving on our School Council is an excellent opportunity for parents to work with
the school to effectively support and enhance student learning.