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Strategies Program

We have a Strategies Program at Minchau for students in Grades 5 and 6. This classroom has a teacher with the training and expertise necessary to address the individual needs of students with a learning disability. 
Good teaching strategies are key for all students. Students with learning disabilities need targeted instruction and support to build academic skills and coping strategies. Teachers use visual materials and often model or think aloud to demonstrate learning for students. Skills are practiced, first with support, and then gradually with more independence. Staff guide learning with small group and individual instruction, support and ongoing feedback. Within their studies, students learn to plan, set goals, monitor and evaluate their growth. They are taught strategies for learning and use different ways to study, remember, co-operate, organize and cope. Student growth is tracked carefully and programming is adjusted to meet individual needs.
Teachers promote close home/school communication. Through working together as a learning team, parents and staff build student strengths and support areas for growth. 


The Behaviour and Learning Assistance (BLA) Program supports students displaying chronic, extreme and pervasive behaviours. These students often require close and constant adult supervision and a high level of structure to function successfully in an educational setting.  Smaller class sizes which allow for more targeted instruction along with predictable and clearly articulated routines, procedures, expectations and schedules are all in place to help students be successful. Students are supported in developing and demonstrating positive behaviour and social skills while achieving academic goals.  Students work towards improving their problem solving skills and self-management and coping skills. Minchau School offers the BLA program for both Division 1 and Divison 2 students.